Sunday, April 25, 2010

One more four-leg

Yea--Some day I'm going to write a blog entry that does not involve the addition of a member to our household. The newest addition is a tiny black kitten with some white markings. We figure it's probably about 5 weeks old. It showed up in our friend Gary's yard with a very hurt foot. We hope to make it to the vet tomorrow, but brie has it eating pretty well--formula form an eyedropper mostly and it lies very close to Brie or me as much of the time as it can.
Two of our three young men that live here start training for census jobs on Tuesday, so that will adjust schedules here a bit. I am gearing up for the last few weeks of this semester with my ESOL classes at El Centro. This time of the semester I am often as nervous as they are to see how they do on final exams.
We are producing an event called Songs of Hope, Stories of Haiti on May 12 at the Backbeat Cafe. I'm really excited since in between some great musicians doing brief sets, missionary Tara Livesay and her daughter Paige will be sharing their own stories from Haiti. Hopefully, lots of funds to support Heartline Ministries in Haiti will result.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is this the right house?

I flew in from amarillo on Tuesday night and came home to a house that I am still not sure is my house. It's just so much more fun and, well, functional than the house I left. Not a crisis in sight. There were stacks of folded clean laundry in the living room, and no pile of dishes in the sink. The kitchen may not have been clean by my mom's standards, but by our house's experience, it was almost immaculate! Joel was cooking bacon in the kitchen (yum!) and Rashad was cuddling with Henna on the sofa as she wound down with a movie. Brian and Aimee and Emersyn were peacefully asleep. It was kind of freaky. Before falling into bed, I touched base with Joel and Rashad about goals for the next day. Then they headed out to walk both dogs. Ah yes, a new dog in the house, a calm and adorable chihuahua.
Wednesday morning, Others got up to let me rest in a little. In fact, by the time I got up--which I don't think was that late--Joel was already out doing yardwork for a neighbor who had hired him. And Rashad was in the kitchen, cooking up an egg concoction. Later, he went out to help Joel, so they got the work finished. They want to line up some more yards in the neighborhood.
I got into work with time to do extra prep and then had great classes. After class, Paul and Brie picked me up to go to Backbeat Cafe for great music at Trinity Arts Live. When we got home, there was baked salmon and a fancy veggie dish waiting for us. Paul said it was delicious, but I had to wait and have mine for lunch today because I was too tired to chew. Joel was headed out for a walk with little dog and others were settled or settling in peacefully. I could get used to living in a house where things get done and people are nice and good food is served. I can identify several possible causes for this lovely state, but I suspect it is a combination of those and others I can't identify. Mostly I suspect it's grace.

Unsilence post-Lent

Well, apparently the unsilence will continue. I'm hopeful that it will involve less yelling. I yelled at people 3 times during Lent, which is more than I have yelled in the last 10 years put together. But I've come to believe that my silence was in its own way a sin, and you really aren't supposed to pick your sins up again when Lent is over!
As a kick-off for continuing unsilence, I ended up somewhat in the role of family spokesperson during my grandmother's death and funeral this past week. She was 99 years old, had lived a full and serving life and made lots of people laugh. As my African students said, "Oh! 'Tis such a blessing!" Her last little bit was not a high quality of life and we are joyful that she has moved on to her mansion. I cannot possibly say enough good things about The Arbors in Amarillo where she lived for the last few years. What a gracious and loving staff. They were all in and out of her room frequently for the last week just to tell her they loved her, and as soon as her spirit left us, her room was filled with tearful nurses, aides, and others. It is humbling to realize that on a day-to-day basis, that staff will experience her loss more painfully and frequently than I will.
It felt a bit strange to be the one answering questions and making choices and speaking at gatherings since I have always felt like the odd-cousin-out. But Grandma and I bonded a lot when I was in college and beginning to date since she was also beginning to date after almost 20 years of widowhood. And the fact is that I was the one who was able to be there to step up alongside my dad during those few days. I will always be grateful that God --and my most excellent husband-- allowed that. It was a joy to remember and honor so much good and so much fun, and it was also a delight to meet one cousin I had never met!