Saturday, May 8, 2010

reasons #5744 and #5745 that my daughter rocks

5744. Last week, Brianna came in wearing a new-ish skort and said, "Mom--I think since it's getting hot, we should set some limits about the length of my shorts and skorts for the summer. I know that while we're at co-op, the rule is down to the fingertips, but when we're not at co-op, it seems like this length is still appropriate--a couple of inches above fingertip length. Does that seem alright to you?" Me: "I think that is a very appropriate length, and I trust your judgment. You know, I just don't want to see you in short shorts like X wears." Brie: "Oh, mom...there's no way I could ever be comfortable wearing anything like that!"
5745. Also last week, one of our current housemates Rashad had just gotten new dreads. He was sure he'd be able to bribe Brianna to spend time doing the monotonous rolling back and forth that is required to get them started well. So he began, "Hey, Brianna, wanna earn some candy money?"
She pauses from reading and looks up at him: "Why would I want candy money?"
Rashad: Don't you like candy? Wouldn't you like to have money to buy more?
Brie says, "Well, I don't really eat that much candy."
Rashad: Okaay, but there has to be something you'd like to have money for --you're a kid. What's your vice?
Brie: Really, I have plenty of money.
Rashad (turning tome across the room): C'mon, Julie--help me out here. What does she really like?
So Brianna pipes up, "Oh, I really like books. I read several books a day. Books are great."
So rashad says, 'Ah--there we go--wouldn't you like to earn some money to buy more books?'
Brianna: "Why? There really aren't very many books I need to own. Could you take me to the library a few times a week?"
Rashad: Well, no--I don't have a car. There has to be something.
I finally gave in and said, "There are 2 things that motivate Brianna externally--ice cream and old episodes of MacGuyver."
Brianna says, "Oh yeah--those'll work."
Rashad starts in with "oh, I can download you whole seasons of whatever show on my computer."
Brianna says, "There are already about 50 episodes I haven't watched that are available free on-line. Mom just doesn't like for me to sit and watch a lot at one time."
I chime in, "Yeah--no matter what you download--I'm still the mom and I decide how much time she spends on the computer. And I also decide when she gets to have ice cream. I think you're going to be rolling your own dreads."
Rashad sighs and I think: "Yes--I have a daughter who is unbribe-able--except by me!"

I know, I know, the blog has been silent

I am struggling with a season of severe fatigue. Making it through teaching at el centro and some kidcare and homeschool but unable to stay awake more than half of most days. Many blog entries in my head but not enough arm strength/awake time to post them. Going to try for a couple today though.
Animal updates--'cause that's what you're really holding your breath about. Tiny injured kitten Max is very healthy and scampering all over the house. He has managed to charm everyone except the female cats, who don't take to newcomers well. Thought he might bring out their maternal side, but no. And, the sweet chihuahua is no longer with us--She was claimed by her owner. Joyful reunion for them, cloud of sadness for our house. Anybody have a puppy looking for a home?