Sunday, April 25, 2010

One more four-leg

Yea--Some day I'm going to write a blog entry that does not involve the addition of a member to our household. The newest addition is a tiny black kitten with some white markings. We figure it's probably about 5 weeks old. It showed up in our friend Gary's yard with a very hurt foot. We hope to make it to the vet tomorrow, but brie has it eating pretty well--formula form an eyedropper mostly and it lies very close to Brie or me as much of the time as it can.
Two of our three young men that live here start training for census jobs on Tuesday, so that will adjust schedules here a bit. I am gearing up for the last few weeks of this semester with my ESOL classes at El Centro. This time of the semester I am often as nervous as they are to see how they do on final exams.
We are producing an event called Songs of Hope, Stories of Haiti on May 12 at the Backbeat Cafe. I'm really excited since in between some great musicians doing brief sets, missionary Tara Livesay and her daughter Paige will be sharing their own stories from Haiti. Hopefully, lots of funds to support Heartline Ministries in Haiti will result.

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