Saturday, May 8, 2010

I know, I know, the blog has been silent

I am struggling with a season of severe fatigue. Making it through teaching at el centro and some kidcare and homeschool but unable to stay awake more than half of most days. Many blog entries in my head but not enough arm strength/awake time to post them. Going to try for a couple today though.
Animal updates--'cause that's what you're really holding your breath about. Tiny injured kitten Max is very healthy and scampering all over the house. He has managed to charm everyone except the female cats, who don't take to newcomers well. Thought he might bring out their maternal side, but no. And, the sweet chihuahua is no longer with us--She was claimed by her owner. Joyful reunion for them, cloud of sadness for our house. Anybody have a puppy looking for a home?

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