Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Managers of Their Catastrophes

Yes, Managers of Their catastrophes--That's the book Brianna and I want to see. Schedule thing blown for today. While we were at homeschool co-op yesterday--on schedule--the toilet at our house got clogged and flooded. The bathroom, the hall, the big girls' room, the kitchen--all apparently an inch or so deep. It only stopped there because Andrea happened to come in from the back and found it. With efforts from Andrea, Aimee, Mike, and Gary (and Paul via cellphone in South Carolina), water was turned off and lots of towels were put down and some stuff was lifted out of the water. Obviously there was a lot to do when we got home. First was trying to work through some of the emotional flooding that the event brought on for people who were around. And the repercussions thereof.(Brian managed to unclog the toilet around 10 last night, I managed to clog it again around 3 in the morning, he managed to unclog it again around 9 this morning . . . )
I got the bathroom floor mopped and really most of the bathroom scrubbed up and some ruined papers and magazines and such thrown out. Then I got the floor in the girls' room dried and mopped, all the dividing draperies they use piled into the huge mound of wet and dirty laundry, and helped Brianna go through all the stuff under her bed to see what was ruined. Thanks to her amazing organized underbed storage--(i know--Whose kid is she?)--very little was damaged. She just had to change out some containers and dry off others. All of the yarn for her knitting project got soaked and went to the trash though. Bummer. I put through about four loads of towels.
Then I was pretty much done in by a coughing spell and ate something and tried to rest for the night, not successfully of course. So today--mopping all the other floors and continuing to push laundry through. Although there is not a pathway evident for the water to have gone there, it also accumulated in the corner behind the piano where a lot of Henna's bedding and stuffed animals were. So moving the piano today too.
Did I mention that both little girls had multiple vaccinations yesterday and are thus--particularly Em--feverish and achy and cranky. Em would be better if I just sat and held her, but that's obviously not happening.
Don't even feel physically capable of walking through the house really--so tired.
So --manage that, somebody. Please.


  1. Oh Julie - praying for ALL of you - energy and patience and whatever else you need! I wish we were close by and could come help with the clean up and taking care of kiddos, etc. Hugs to each and every one of you!